Monday, May 20, 2013


 I know that librarians and teachers are buying my books. But sometimes, in this age of computer games and Facebook, I find myself asking . . .                

Do kids actually read my books? Do kids read any books?               

 Yes, they do!

Over the past month I have met hundreds and hundreds of amazing kids who love to read and who love to talk about what they are reading. I  visited schools and libraries in my local town of 100 Mile House, on Vancouver Island, in Saskatchewan and in Ontario. Everywhere the students welcomed me with overwhelming enthusiasm, eager to listen to my stories and to tell me theirs.

Some of the many highlights . . .

*A trip on a whale watching boat to Alert Bay where the welcome was warm and the kids fantastic.
*An exciting Gala in Saskatchewan, where I was so honoured to be presented with the Diamond Willow Award for my book Missing.
*Four grade six boys who stopped me in a school hallway to tell me that the ending of Missing was shocking!
*An avid reader who told me that she and her mother took turns reading Missing out loud, finishing the book in one day and only stopping for five minute bathroom breaks.
*A boy and a girl who acted out a scene from Missing, taking on the roles of Thea and Van.
*A wonderful discussion with a class in Thunder Bay where every student had read Missing!
*The energy of 900 kids at the Gala in Thunder Bay.
*A class of  60 grade eights. Yikes! My first presentation with high school kids! (They were wonderful!)
*The Gala at the Harbourfront Center in Toronto attended by over 10,000 noisy, excited and enthusiastic kids.
*My excitement when Missing won a Silver Birch Honour Award.
*Warm hugs from some of my best fans!

Did someone tell you that kids don't read anymore? Don't believe them!
They are out there. Thousands of them. Devouring books with passion, joy and a sense of wonder.
Thank you to all of them!

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