Saturday, January 3, 2015

DREAM BIG for 2015!

A new writing year! I like to dream big . . . a contract for my hard-to –find-a home- for fantasy . . . an unexpected award nomination. . . record sales on my royalty statements . . .  venturing into self-publishing . . . Anything is possible!

To get me started, here are my resolutions for a great writing year. I’ll keep you posted how I’ll do.

 January: Find three new children’s authors that I’ve never read and read a book by each of them.  

February:  Read a book on fiction writing techniques.

March:  Google famous quotations and use them to inspire five titles for books that I might like to write one day.  

April:   Read a play.

May:   Write a picture book manuscript.

June:  Describe an interesting setting using all the senses.

July:   Observe a person in a coffee shop (mall? bus?) and write a character profile.

August:  Read a book of kids’ poetry and write my own poem.

September:  Read a biography of a writer.

October:  Read a non-fiction kid’s book.

November:  Rewrite a folk tale or myth.

December: Sit back with a glass of eggnog, admire my stack of polished manuscript pages for my novel-in-progress and write a glowing review (unbiased of course!)  

                                        Happy New Year!

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  1. I dream BIG for Seventh-Heaven
    if you'd follow us Upstairs so
    we could RITE a trillion, hefty
    novels and then call it a 'day'...